James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket
James Baldwin The Price of the Ticket
Jimmy Turns
Ninety !!!
August 2, 2015 was James Baldwin’s 90th Birthday.
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~ About James Baldwin ~

“All men are brothers.  That's the bottom
line.  If you can't take it from there,
you can't take it at all.”

-  Baldwin comment during an NBC/TV interview -

  • For Students and Educators:
       A Life Worth Examining!
  • Born in Harlem, August 2nd, 1924
  • Best-Selling Author, Orator, Civil
    Rights Activist
  • Wrote Novels, Essays, Plays, Short
    Stories and Poems
  • Explored Racial, Sexual and Class-
    Related Struggles
  • Lived in France and Turkey for Many Years
  • Spoke for Minorities of All Nations
  • Translated into Twenty-Eight Languages
  • Ranked as One of the 100 Best Writers of the 20th Century
  • Died in St. Paul-de-Vence, France,
    December 1st, 1987

"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world.  But then you read.  It was books that taught me..."

~ from the film,  James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket


  • “There is not another writer who expresses with such poignancy and abrasiveness the dark realities of our racial ferment.”
  • ~ TIME Magazine Cover Article.  May 17, 1963
  • James Baldwin and composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein were each awarded the Légion d’Honneur, France's highest honor, by French President Mitterrand at the Elysée Palace in Paris, France.  June 19, 1986.
  • ~ AP photo/Laurent Rebours
  • James Baldwin Stamp, 2004
    United States Postal Service
  • “I really do believe that we can all become better than we are. I know we can.  But the price is enormous, and people are not yet willing to pay it.”
  • ~ from the film,  James Baldwin:  The Price of Ticket