James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket
James Baldwin The Price of the Ticket
Jimmy Turns
Ninety !!!
August 2, 2015 was James Baldwin’s 90th Birthday.
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    California Newsreel


  • Founded in 1968, California Newsreel is the oldest non-profit social issue documentary film center in the nation.  Newsreel produces and distributes cutting-edge social justice films that inspire, educate and engage.  As a specialist in African-American topics – focusing on the history, culture and politics of both the U.S. and Africa – Newsreel is a leading resource center for the advancement of racial justice and diversity. 
  • As a distributor, California Newsreel offers both DVDs and digital streaming.  Every year, Newsreel’s films – including JAMES BALDWIN:  THE PRICE OF THE TICKET – reach millions of students.  Over the past two decades, Newsreel has distributed BALDWIN to thousands of schools and libraries in all fifty states. 
  • As a production company, California Newsreel is the first to marry media production with contemporary social movements.  Newsreel productions include Race – The Power of an Illusion and Unnatural Causes:  Is Inequality Making Us Sick?  A forthcoming Newsreel transmedia production is The Raising of America:  Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation. 
  • For distribution info on JAMES BALDWIN:  THE PRICE OF THE TICKET, click on the link below.
  • newsreel.org/video/james-baldwin-the-price-of-the-ticket
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