James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket
James Baldwin The Price of the Ticket
Jimmy Turns
Ninety !!!
August 2, 2015 was James Baldwin’s 90th Birthday.
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    Production Company

    - DKDmedia -
    Karen Thorsen & Douglas K. Dempsey

    Karen Thorsen & Douglas K. Dempsey at a 16mm Steenbeck editing table, Maysles Films, New York
  • An independent production company, DKDmedia was founded by the award-winning husband & wife team, Karen Thorsen and Douglas K. Dempsey. Storytelling is their strength; history and social justice are their passions; documentary film and museum media are their most frequent formats. Whether working together or independently, their work wins awards and is seen by millions.
  • Selected Projects:

  • James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket.  A feature-length documentary about writer / civil rights activist James Baldwin.  Winner, multiple awards.  Honored at festivals in over two-dozen countries, including Sundance, London, Berlin and Tokyo.  Credits:  Producer / Director / Writer.  A Co-Production with PBS / American Masters:  feature-length version co-produced with Maysles Films; 50-minute French language version co-produced with French National Television.  Currently in progress:  16mm film restoration and digital HD conversion of the original feature-length version; production of a 50-minute English language educational version.
  • Thomas Paine:  Voice of Revolution.  A feature-length documentary & multimedia museum exhibit about the 18th-century author of Common Sense.  Credits:  Producer / Director / Writer / Editor.  Designated as a “We The People” project by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  One of only three films in the nation to be awarded an NEH Scripting Grant in 2011.  Work-in-Progress.
  • Maysles Films, Co-Production Partner, James Baldwin Film
  • PeaceJam:  Change Starts Here.  A transmedia project using web-based shorts, longer-form docs and a PeaceJam curriculum to inspire teenage activism.  With the help of twelve Nobel Laureates, over 600,000 teens have already completed a million+ service projects all over the world.  Credits:  Producer / Director / Writer / Editor.  A Co-Production with the PeaceJam Foundation.  Work-in-Progress.
  • Joe Papp in Five Acts.  A feature-length documentary about the street kid-turned-impresario who insisted that art is for everyone, both on-stage and in the audience.  From free Shakespeare in the Park to HAIR, A Chorus Line and The Normal Heart, Papp consistently bucked tradition … and brought more theater to more people than any other producer in history.  Credits:  Co-Producer / Director / Writer (in collaboration with Tracie Holder).  A Co-Production with PBS / American Masters and ITVS.  Tribeca Film Festival world premiere, 2012; PBS broadcast premiere, 2014.
  • Buried Prayers.  A feature-length documentary about the buried treasure of Maidanek, a Nazi death camp in Poland.  A story of defiance and redemption.  Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Cinequest Film Festival.  Credits:  Writer / Editor, in collaboration with Historical Media Associates.
  • Maysles Films, Co-Production Partner, James Baldwin Film
  • One Small Candle.  A documentary film history of the Pilgrims and their native neighbors.  Credits:  Producer / Director / Writer / Editor.  Permanent Installation for the oldest operating museum in America:  Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, MA.
  • The Legacy of George Washington.  Two multi-media theaters, an animation film and assorted AV programs.  Winner, Thea Award.  Credits:  Media Content Co-Creator / Co-Producer.  Permanent Installation for the Donald W. Reynolds Education Center at George Washington’s Estate in Mt. Vernon, Virginia.  In Collaboration w/CCA, Boston  &  DEMP Inc, Brooklyn
  • Television War.  A twenty-year history of American involvement in Vietnam (1954-1975).  An archival mix of news clips, commercials, combat footage and photos, presented on a fifteen-screen installation of period TV sets and sofas.  Credits:  Content Developer / Writer / Editor.  Permanent Installation for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.  In Collaboration w/CCA, Boston  &  DEMP Inc, Brooklyn
  • Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure.  An IMAX documentary about polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914-1916 Trans-Antarctic Expedition.  A larger-than-life testament to heroism and human endurance.  Winner, Best Film Award, Big Screen Association.  Credits:  Writer / Editorial Consultant. 
    In Collaboration w/PBS Nova & WGBH, Boston  &  DEMP Inc, Brooklyn
  • Rats, Bats & Bugs!  A three-part history, science & culture series with contemporary experts, archival images, vérité footage and impressionistic recreations.  Winner, Parents Choice Award.  Credits:  Producer / Director / Writer & Series Content Developer.  Produced for The History Channel.
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