James Baldwin:  The Price of the Ticket
James Baldwin The Price of the Ticket
Jimmy Turns
Ninety !!!
August 2, 2015 was James Baldwin’s 90th Birthday.
Our Celebration:  A Nationwide Series of Community Forums,
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~ The Restoration ~
Saving Jimmy Baldwin!

Digital Preservation & Restoration
of Original 16mm Film Elements

The Process:

  • All 16mm Film Elements are Inspected and Physically Repaired
  • Original Cut Negative is Scanned Frame-by-Frame at 3K Resolution
  • Digital Frames are Downsampled to 2K
  • Digital Version is Restored via Image Repair Software, e.g. Dust-Busting, Splice Stabilization and Dark Energy®
  • 16x9 Widescreen HD Version is Created via Pan & Scan, Color Correction and 5.1 Stereo Re-Mix
  • HD Digital Masters are created in various formats, including HDCAM SR, ProRes4444 Files, Blu-ray, DVD, HD Streaming Files.
  • The Film is then Distributed via our "Conversations With Jimmy" Outreach & Engagement Progam, PBS Broadcast, Schools, Educational Streaming Events and Other Transmedia!

  • *An Explanation of Film Preservation

Tim Spitzer inspects our original negative


Restoration made possible by:

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Made at Goldcrest Post, NYC

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Image of 16mm film piece, showing four frames of Baldwin speaking.


  • “In order to keep Baldwin within the reach of future generations
    this remarkable documentary must be preserved.”
  • ~ Dr. Maya Angelou -- Poet, Author & Educator
  • “It is imperative to ensure that this outstanding 16mm film
    does not become a victim of the digital revolution.” 
  • ~ Larry Daressa -- Distributor, California Newsreel
  • “As a filmmaker, I am all too familiar with the potential loss of film classics. The BALDWIN film must be saved ... and become a digital master for the 21st century.”
  • ~ Albert Maysles -- Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter, Salesman